Live An Empowered Life - Part Three

In this blog, we continue sharing the building blocks that are essential for you to live an empowered life!

Living an empowered life means being confident, being able to back yourself in challenging situations and achieve success in all areas of your life.

Please head back to Part Two of this blog series to find out the first few blocks to finding empowerment!

Follow through with these suggestions and watch your personal power flourish...

5. Take Action: Go After What You Want

Have you ever felt like you wanted to live life differently than how you’re currently living, yet you’re unsure where to begin?

Your dreams have always been in the back of your mind, tantalising you to do something. However, you feel uncertain about how your life will go when you do begin the path toward the good life.

Follow these steps for how to begin to live the very life you’ve always wanted:

- Know that you deserve to have the life you want.

Rather than saying, “My partner wouldn’t want me to do this” or “My life will be harder if I give up the salary I make now to pursue my dreams,” consider the idea that you deserve the life you long for, regardless of what it takes to do it. When you truly connect with the fact that you’re entitled to have everything you want, those feelings will push you forward toward empowerment.

- Think it through and problem-solve.

Refuse to let discouraging thoughts stop you. Talk to your partner if you fear they may not support you. Listen to their position and then share your hopes and dreams with them. Ponder together how you could live on less money, if that’s what it will take to get what you yearn for.

- Complete the first step toward your dream now.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, start to educate yourself in your spare time. Test the waters and incorporate your ultimate goal into your current life. Fit in parts of your dream whenever you can.

Satisfy your craving to do what you want by taking baby steps toward it. Becoming empowered is all about pursuing what you want, even if it’s an inch at a time!

- Do your homework.

When you research what you want to accomplish, it will push you into action. Plus, doing your homework is taking action.

- Ask for support.

If you require childcare twice a week to pursue your interests, ask your parents, brother, sister, or friends to help you. Offer a trade. When you require some type of assistance to pursue your dreams, mention that you’d be happy to help out your neighbour, friend, or family member with a task they want done if they’re willing to assist you too. For example, you could say, “I’ll feed and walk your dog while you go on that weekend away if you can do something for me.” Using the barter system to complete tasks is a valuable tool of empowerment.

- Create a step-by-step process for how to reach your desired life.

If you think concretely about what you’re required to accomplish on the road to the end result, it will lead you toward your goal. Check off the steps as you achieve them.

Taking action to achieve your dreams will bring feelings of strength and incredible anticipation. Imagine how it will feel to know that you’ve taken the bull by the horns and are heading toward the greatest adventure of your life. Living the life you want is the ultimate objective of self-empowerment.

6. Be Willing to Work Hard

We’ve all encountered the person at work who goes so far above and beyond that they make everyone else look bad in comparison. Some of us may even admit that we wouldn’t mind being that co-worker that everyone else is praising and admiring.

Begin working harder by:

- Showing up a few minutes early to your current job or if you're an entrepreneur a small business owner, this will set a great example for your employees.

Your workday may go better if you’re there ahead of time and ready to get started. Coming in early will help if you have a long walk from your car to your office or you like to get coffee and check your inbox first thing in the morning.

- Getting adequate rest each night.

If you want to put your heart and soul into your work, it’s important to be well-rested. The more energy you have, the more effort you can expend to get your job done well.

- Developing real interest in your work, even if it is not your dream job right now.

If today you’re catching up on the filing, ensure your mind is on putting all the records in order. Rather than seeing the job as an unimportant task that takes you from your “real work,” view filing as a necessary key to doing your job.

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to locate information and data when it’s alphabetised and neatly filed rather than in stacks of papers on a desk.

Put all your effort into each project you work on. When you show interest in something, the end product reflects it.

- Competing with yourself.

What if you were to look at tasks as a way of showing what you can do? For example, when both the filing trays are filled with files to be put away, how long will it take you to do it? Two hours? Forty-five minutes? Jot down your times in your calendar to see if you can beat your filing time today.

- Nixing the complaints.

Many of us may have complaints about what we do in a day. But it’s wise to recognise that while we’re complaining, we’re losing our momentum with work. During the time we’re complaining we could, instead, be accomplishing something.

Reflect on what you can accomplish if you abolish voicing your disappointment with everything you’re not pleased about.

- Establishing set times for unsavoury tasks.

If filing is a task you typically find less-than-satisfying, perhaps setting up regular time blocks to do the job will help you keep up with it and get it done efficiently. For example, you could set up Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and Friday afternoons, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. as filing time.

Scheduling a task and accomplishing it regularly is the sign of a hard worker. Although the work may take some time to get done, you’ll complete it and do so consistently.

- Pushing yourself.

Just how efficient of a worker can you be? You have the personal power to become the type of employee you want to be. Pushing yourself to excel at work will boost your self-confidence and make you feel empowered.

When you’re willing to work hard, many positive things will happen for you. Your end results will be greater and others will come to see you as a model employee. Empower yourself with the abundance that comes with being a hard worker.

As you start putting these suggestions into place, you’ll begin to gain the momentum to continue moving ahead. Momentum begets more momentum.

You’ll encounter all kinds of individuals, situations, and stumbling blocks on your journey toward empowerment. At times, you may feel like you’ve taken two steps forward and three steps back. But by continuing to move forward, you’ll make overall progress that can’t be denied.

Keep moving forward in your efforts to build your personal empowerment!

GOOD LUCK and as always, contact us for more support around gaining empowerment in your life.