Live An Empowered Life - Part Two

In this blog, we continue sharing the building blocks that are essential for you to live an empowered life.

Living an empowered life means being confident, being able to back yourself in challenging situations and achieve success in all areas of your life.

Please head back to Part Two of this blog series to find out the first few blocks to finding empowerment!

Follow through with these suggestions and watch your personal power flourish...

3. Keep Your
 Dreams Fresh

What are your yearnings for the future?

How do you react when you’re thinking about your dreams?

Do you try to push those thoughts out of your mind?

Our dreams for the future can keep us moving forward in life, looking, reaching, and achieving. View your dreams as great motivators. Your dreams help empower you to seek out the life you truly want.

Put these strategies into action today to keep your dreams fresh and alive:

- Think about your dreams each day.

It sounds simple, but how often do you really reflect on your dreams? Each morning as you’re brushing your teeth, look yourself in the eyes and think about what you’ll specifically do that day to move toward accomplishing your dreams.

- Create a vision board.

Fill your board with symbols that represent your dreams. The key ingredients of a vision board are photos and printed words that signify the things you want most in life.

Cut out photos of what you want and put them on your vision board or create an online board in Pinterest. Write down some words to show your excitement about your dream and place your board where you can see it daily.

When you look at your vision board, you can mentally see it happening. This will empower you to live your desired life.

- Talk about your dreams.

When your dreams are alive in your thoughts and words, you’re closer to making them happen. Have coffee with a friend and share what you discovered when exploring the aspects of one of your dreams or tell your parents what you want to do. It helps a great deal when others are talking about you and your dreams as well.

- Take a trip and explore your dream location or devote time to your life goals.

Keeping your dream in the forefront means you’ll have tangible bits of it always with you until you can actually make it happen. So, if you yearn to move to a particular locale, visit the area occasionally to soak in the sights and sounds of it.

Holding on to your dreams throughout your life will provide you with steady reinforcement to perform, excel, and achieve. As your dreams stay alive, so do your possibilities to live an empowered life.

4. Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

You might find yourself in a particular place in life that’s not satisfying to you. When you consider your living situation, you may feel unsure about how or why you ended up this way.

When you find yourself in a position or heading in a direction different from what you’d like, remind yourself you have the power to change your path. Upon reaching this point, knowing how to change your mind and your life are incredibly empowering forces.

When you’re ready, take advantage of these tips to alter your existence:

- Acknowledge where you are.

Take note of what you’d like to change about your life. Realise that whatever you’re currently doing is preventing you from reaching your ultimate goal. Bringing the facts into your awareness will help tremendously in terms of determining that you need to alter your course.

- Weigh the pros and cons.

After discovering you want to alter something in your life, consider completing a pro and con list regarding your changes. When you review the pluses and minuses before you make a decision, you’re informed about the impact the change will have on your life. Then, you’ll be ready for the challenges that change may bring.

- Institute the changes immediately.

As soon as you’ve determined the direction you want to go and why, begin making at least one alteration as soon as possible. If you thoroughly thought things through and arrived at the conclusion to change, there’s no time like the present to begin turning the life you have into the life you seek.

- Tweak things if necessary.

After you shift gears and institute some of the changes, you may notice some other minor things you could do to be headed more directly toward your goal. Go ahead and make the adjustments without holding back.

Allow yourself the time and space to change the things about your life that are leading you astray.

When you’re fully following your dreams, you’ll feel empowered and ignited with the passion to create the life you seek.

Stay tuned for the next blog which will reveal the next steps you need to follow to gain empowerment!

For now, put the above into practice, and as always, contact us for more support around gaining empowerment in your life.