Leadership & Executive Coaching 
We work with Leaders at all levels and believe that it is never too late to change. If you are tired of leading from a place that just doesn't feel right or if you are a new and emerging leader wanting to start your leadership journey out right then this is for you. We offer a range of tools to help you understands yourself better and those around you. 

Individual Coaching 
Whether it is a career rut you find yourself in or you are just trying to get some traction on those elusive goals that seem to keep slipping away, Individual Coaching is the best gift you can possibly invest in for yourself. Having someone there beside you to help you get clarity on what it is you want to achieve and then help guide you on your path of growth and development, you can't put a price on that. 

Team Coaching & Workshops 
If your team needs some help to get them working more effectively, understanding themselves and each other better, Spark Coaching can help. We run half day and full day workshops using Everything DiSC to help them get a better understanding of who they are, why they respond the way they do and how to work as a cohesive, collaborative and innovative team. We can also tailor workshops and seminars to any other needs you may have.