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Is Distraction Sabotaging Your Goals?

Organisation has been on my brain, ever since I went down the Marie Kondo rabbit hole (see blog post on that here).

But it really IS essential to making progress and reducing stress and overwhelm along the way. You see, you can't see your goals if a tonne of clutter is in the way. You can't possibly make a plan to fulfil them if your schedule and priorities are all over the place.

To move forward, you need to be able to see where you are going, and probably a map to get you there.

We have been sharing some great organisation and productivity articles and videos over on our Facebook, but something we need to address is DISTRACTION and how that can be sabotaging all of your efforts.

Distraction is a result of being disorganised and a contributor to being unproductive. There are so many distractions in our modern world and they can be hard to ignore, especially when they are buzzing and beeping and flashing at us every minute

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your focus and double your productivity by removing distractions and adopting a more conscious mindset.

This method was taken from and is a simple, yet foolproof way of staying on track and being productive, regardless of distractions.

Introducing the “ABC” method to help you focus:

Awareness: Recognise your options. What’s most important and what’s background noise?

Breathe: Take a moment to consider the options you have. What can you rearrange in order to make the most urgent tasks a priority?

Choose: Proactively make a decision about what task to complete next and stick to it. These three steps don’t take much time, but require you to be aware of your situation and make conscious decisions instead of reacting to every distraction.

Other suggestions to improve focus and productivity include getting up and taking a walk before you start a new task, taking regular breaks to give your mind a rest, and make yourself turn off all distractions for a specific amount of time. Close your email and turn off your phone for an hour to really focus on the task at hand.

By taking steps to shift your mindset and eliminate distractions, you’ll do better quality work in a shorter amount of time with less stress!

To help you get organised and be more productive, why not book a session with me?