Struggling To Find A Solution?

Maybe the problem is you.

Controversial, I know.

I had a recent session with a client, where we were trying to uncover a solution to their problem. And as we dug deeper, I couldn't help but notice they were waiting for ME to present the answer to them.

And I get it. I can be annoying as a coach sometimes! Because we just want answers right? We just want someone to swoop in and save us. But that's not empowering. And it's certainly not what I do as a coach.

Let me explain why giving clients the answers is the opposite of what we want to do as coaches.

Essentially, we can only tell you what we think is the correct answer. I'm using my story, my past experiences and filtering your stuff through my lens. It may be the right answer for me, but it may not be for you. I would be leaning on my own values and my own beliefs to give you advice, even though we probably aren't aligned in this way.

As a coach, our goal is to guide you to find your own answer, based on your own truth. We ask questions and encourage you to discover your own solutions, but we cannot give them to you.

In this recent client session, it was extremely hard to move past this. And the question came up, as we struggled through, if you are unable to find a solution, are you in fact part of the problem? It was hard hitting.

It's challenging to your thinking, to consider that you may be contributing to the problem at hand. If you can't see a way forward though and you haven't been able to move, perhaps there is a block and that you are the one putting it up.

Maybe you're playing into a situation that is seemingly outside of you. Maybe you can't seem to get out of your own way. Maybe you need to take a step back and gain some perspective because you have been stuck in it.

It's worth thinking about. To ask the question, if you are stuck on something right now, are you contributing to the blockage?

If you can admit it to yourself, be honest. Be candid, or let me support you with this. Think about WHY? And how is this affecting the situation? And what are you perpetuating?

Often the solution is simple. Changing your perception. Reframing the situation. Or getting some neutral assistance to talk through it (this is where I come in).

I would love to hear from you, are you the solution to your problems? Comment below with your experiences.

And of course, book a session with me to work through it!