Is Fear Ruling Your Life?

Are you letting fear run the game?

I have had a really interesting couple of sessions with different clients this week, and fear has been the main theme of these.

One was based around confidence, having the nerve to go and do something outside of this particular client's comfort zone. We talked through their main concerns about taking action for them in this situation and whether they were fear based and actually true or not.

When fear plays into what you are trying to do, it's important to think about whether the fear is evidence-based, or whether your mind is just imagining the worst possible scenario. Quite often what you find is that you start questioning your capabilties in these situations and think about if you can actually take action or not. We freeze in the fear.

"I can't do this because I am not smart enough"

"I can't do that because I am not good enough"

" What if xyz happens?!"

"What if I fail?!"

Fear affects us in so many aspects of our lives. And it really holds us back from doing so many things that we'd probably be fantastic at.

Fear exists for good reason. It warns us when we are in potentially unsafe situations and can save lives. We can't just ignore it. But we have to listen to what the fear is truly telling us. Are we really unsafe? Or are we just facing something that scares us?

Even if you do fail, or not do as well as you expect, it's an amazing opportunity to grow and develop and learn more about yourself. You can use your experience as a reflective practice, consider what you could have done differently and think about what you took away from it. A perceived negative experience becomes a more positive one.

Are you ready to flip fear on it's head?

Journal your answer to the following:

1. What areas of your life is fear taking over?

This could be fear stopping you from doing something, or forcing you to do something and it could be in more than one area! Or you could be doing something that is not serving you, for fear of letting other people down.

2. Pull apart each of these fears, one by one.

Determine whether they are actually valid. Think about what resources you have to overcome them. And start to think about how to move forward, with the fear there regardless.

Start chipping away at your fears and soon you will understand there is nothing to be scared of!

I would love to coach you through your fears and get you taking action! It helps to have support when doing something that feels scary.

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