Are You Just Juggling OR Really Struggling?

How have you been coping this summer school holidays?

If you have kids, you'll know exactly what I am referring to. If not, play along as you wish...

As I am writing this, I am surrendering to my natural curly mop, blowdrying and straightening my hair has been pushed right down to the bottom of my to-do list as I juggle the huge role of caring for my children these school holidays.

Usually my online clients get to see the polished version of Kate - straight hair and make-up, but this last few weeks I have had to spread my work between beach time and quality kid time. It has been a struggle.

When you run a business, life does not stop to give way for school holidays for six weeks! My clients (perhaps you reading this right now) have been back at work and need me in their lives right now. I can't exactly put them off until the kids have gone back to school.

My husband, as supportive as he is, is also back at work. Leaving me, still working and caring for our kids at the same time. It is certainly a challenge. Co-ordinating care with other parents and then doing a switch so they can have some time too. Calling in favours. Scheduling around life. It can be overwhelming!

And I have been feeling the struggle. I have been considering not working for this period. It would have been easier. But I enjoy working and connecting with clients and didn't want to leave people in the lurch.

In saying that, I have had to let go of a lot of other things to make way for the juggle. My hair for one! But more importantly, I have had to let go of the expectations on myself. That I should be doing certain things to get ahead with my business, with the kids, with our home.

I had a client who brought it home to me - That the time we have with kids is so short, we should surrender and enjoy it. So I have been learning to ease up on myself. Swimming in the ocean and then throwing my hair up in a top knot for a client, instead of showering and applying a full face of makeup. Doing the same job, same effort, but with a more relaxed approach. A real life approach.

The letting go practice continues when on these usual work days, I engage in some leisure time. Being present and relaxing at the beach, instead of thinking that I should be working and feeling guilty for that. What is the point in killing yourself and beating yourself up, when you could be just surrendering to what is happening right now?!

I would recommend if you are struggling this school holidays, get into the flow of what your situation is. Accept it, instead of fighting it. And do what you can with the time you have!

Take the pressure off for these next couple of weeks, do what you can and plan to launch back into your routine when school settles back in.

If you need some guidance around this, I would love to chat to you! Schedule your complimentary discovery session with me here.