Are You In Alignment?

This time of year is notorious for scrambling to remember your New Years Resolutions (or intentions if you followed along on our blog) and realising it's almost mid-January and you haven't made any progress towards your goals!

It can be stressful and overwhelming to come back to work and have this hanging over you, unsure where to begin and what lies before you. Knowing that the year has already begun and you still haven't taken action puts tonnes of unnecessary pressure on you too.

It's important when you feel this way to make sure what you are setting out to achieve is actually in alignment with you and your values. That your goals or intentions are for you and will serve you, not anyone else. There is nothing worse than working towards something, getting there and realising you only did it because you thought you "should" or someone else told you too.

For example, if your goal this year was to go to the gym more, but you hate going there, find something you actually enjoy doing and do that instead.

I was inspired by the Michael Mosley's show "The Truth About Getting Fit" (on ABC iView here if you want to check it out) and am loving swimming, instead of forcing myself into other exercise I am not motivated to do right now. I used to be a swimmer and water polo player back in the day, but haven't swum since and it has been such a humbling process getting back in the water again and re-learning how to swim laps.

Make sure that whatever your 2019 plans are feel right, and are aligned to where you want to be. Are they in line with your end game?

Don't be so focused on either expectations or traditional life goal posts that you might be aiming for. Instead, revisit your values. What really matters to you? Go after that. Fulfil your own dreams and desires for what you want your life to be.

I would love to support you in 2019!

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