A New, New Year Commitment

Sick of setting New Years resolutions that you don't fulfil?

I love this time of year. A brand new year looms ahead, full of opportunity and freshness. A chance to do things differently.

Creativity and plans fill our minds, limitless potential lies in front of us...What will our resolutions be this year?

But just as exciting as the start of the year may be, and the grand promises we make to ourselves and others, they so easily fall down as the reality of our resolutions set in.

I have heard of (and tried) many different approaches to resolutions. I've shared some inspiration on my Facebook (if you haven't seen it already). One year I wrote 100 goals. Some years I write none.

This year however, I committed to something a little different.

I chose a word, an overarching intention for 2018. And that's it. I thought about what that word could mean and how I could start to centre my life around the word, but didn't set any specific goals. Just kept aligning to it. Making choices based around it. And using the word as inspiration when I was feeling stuck.

It was a successful year for me and I feel like I have stayed true to my intention. Instead of feeling disappointed at not having achieved all my crazy resolutions I set with gusto on New Years Eve, I'm feeling accomplished and enjoyed reflecting on all of my wins for this year, based off my intention.

I'm not saying this is the only way to start a New Year, I am simply offering this is something you might like to try for 2019.

Here's how...

1. Take a few deep breaths and ensure you have no distractions around you.

2. Close your eyes and pause for a moment, don’t think too hard and notice what comes up. If nothing does, think about your desires for the year ahead. Is there a word that sums them all up?

3. Pick a word that you feel a strong connection to and are excited by. This is the fuel for your journey ahead.

If you're unclear, try a mindmap (scribbling as many words as possible that come to mind) and pick the one that jumps out at you the most. These words could include things like: fearless, growth, trust, connection, discipline, fun, expansion, happiness, presence, love.

If you're still stuck, leave it for a few days, but be aware of what may come up in dreams, conversations and thoughts. If you're open to it, it will come.

Now, here are some of practices to keeping the intention top-of-mind:

- Journal on it at the start of the year (i.e. now) and every month or two

- Share it with those close to you

- A quick daily reflection, capturing in one sentence an observation or thought on how your intention appeared (or didn’t) during your daily activities

- Making the word visible in the physical space around you (i.e your screensavers, pinboards, post-it notes)

I’d love to hear your intention for 2019, pop yours in the comments below!

Happy New Year!

Be sure reach out and let me know how I can support you with your New Years intention.