What Are You Hiding From?

Inspired by a recent moving business mentoring session that I had, with so many "aha" moments, tears shed and massive breakthroughs, I debuted on Facebook Live with this very topic.

I am able to facilitate these moments with my clients every day, but it's a powerful reminder when I am able to experience them myself. I'm getting emotional just writing about it.

When we go through these moments together in sessions, I know what you're going through and often I am going through the same thing. I am overcome with emotion when I hear client's powerful stories, so when the process is turned to me, the feelings are intensified.

I was moved to make a Facebook Live video, which is something I always said I was going to do (and hadn't yet followed through on) from the breakthrough moment I had in my mentoring session.

In a previous blog, I spoke about my overwhelm, how exhausting it was to have numerous email addresses to keep on top of and several businesses to run. What I realised during my session was that I don't have to be all these different people.

I have all various businesses that I run and I was under the impression that I had to be different people in each of them, presenting myself in a way that I thought that particular audience would want me to be.

It hit me in the session that I don't need to be anybody, except for myself. Kate Henty, coaching and whatever else I choose to do as myself, I am enough. Knowing this created a massive sense of relief and release within me. I am still buzzing from this as I write this!

The basic premise of it is. I am enough, that's it. I am me, and that's all I need to be.

Let's just work on that. Start with who you are, and move forward to who you want to be. Your own self. Not motivated by other people's expectations of you or what society wants from you or what you think you should be.

Scrap it and come back to who you are right now. Because that is all you can be and that is enough!

I am really excited to take this journey for myself and see what is to come out of that. Potentially expect some changes going forward, I can't wait to share it all with you. And for you to be on this ride with me!