Gratitude is something I often talk about with clients and friends alike. Most of us now understand the benefits of practicing gratitude and when it comes up in conversation, we are motivated to commit to it. But what ends up happening (for me too) is we do it for a couple of days, and then we let it drop off.

It's not something that easily becomes a practice, we aren't mindful or conscious of it and because we don't see an instant benefit (even though there are many), we fall out of the habit of doing it.

To keep us all accountable to making gratitude a habit and a priority, I am starting a challenge! A seven day gratitude challenge. You can commit here.

Each day, we'll acknowledge what we're grateful for. To begin, we'll dive into where you're at, what's going on for you and what your starting point will be. There will be questions for you to think about and answer each day and acknowledge three things you are grateful for.

You can practice gratitude in the morning, allowing it to set your intention for the day or you can do it at the end of the day over a cup of herbal tea, and really think about what it is you are grateful for. Make it an enjoyable ritual, incorporate some of the practices you already do into it. Maybe it's putting an essential oil into your diffuser or massaging yourself with your favourite moisturiser, or even just taking a couple of deep breaths.

Use this ritualistic time as a chance to reflect, slow things down and think about what you are grateful for. Allow this energy to expand throughout the rest of your day or night and wake up feeling refreshed and positive (which you can then be grateful for).

You can actually practice gratitude as many times as you like throughout the day, our aim is to change our mindset to a more positive and productive one. We all have so many negative things happening all the time, stress, grief, illness, kids, always something we can easily let ourselves be caught up in. The more we get stuck in the negative stuff and give that energy, the more it grows.

The more we focus on the positive things in our lives (via gratitude) we can start to reframe negative things, no matter how challenging they are. Even some of the hardest things we experience we can be grateful for.

So, let's commit, for just a few minutes per day, to start being more grateful!

Good luck, I am grateful for you.