What Are You Doing For YOU?

How are you giving yourself time and space for things that fill you up?

This question came up post gym session (yes, if you read the blog from last week, I have recommitted to my gym habit) and it really stopped me in my tracks.

What am I doing, aside from now attending the gym, that is purely for myself? I couldn't give my gym buddy an answer and that really threw me!

This is something to really ponder, both for you and me, over the next few days. What are you doing to give back to yourself? How can you do more for you?

As parents, as employees, as carers, as human beings in the current climate, we tend to give and give and give. It can often feel like all we are doing is giving to other people.

If you've ever been in the situation where you have worked for a company, you've put in long hours, worked on weekends, always working even on days off (especially if you're part time) and the company has let you down. Maybe you've been made redundant or your hours have been cut and you have that lightbulb moment of, hang on, I have given you everything and sacrificed everything for you and what have I gotten in return?

It's so easy to get resentful towards your employer or your kids or whoever you feel you have surrendered your time and energy to, but guess what? That's 100% on you. It's not the other parties responsibility to set your own boundaries. It's yours...

What is it that we need and how can we create boundaries to ensure we are getting it?

Some of you might be like, I can't do that! I can't just shirk responsibilities because I need a day off. Or I can't just leave early because I need to go workout, or go to yoga or do something for myself.

But you can. And especially within a company (or even a family situation), if you are continuing to work too much, you are contributing to the culture of this and positively affirming that this is okay.

What is truly important to you? How are we living by our values (and if we're not, why not)?

For example, if quality family time is one of your highest values, but you are spending all your time at work, there's something not right there. Eventually you're going to be resentful or burn out or both. In this situation, you have the power to change it. You can do something about this, now.

Are you living in congruence with your values?

What do you need to do to give more to you and less to others?

WRITE IT DOWN. This creates different messages in our brain, it reinforces the message, allowing you to be a bit more creative and will prompt you to consider, what else?

Don't live a life of resentment! Prioritise yourself and give yourself the gift of time.