Why You Need To Know Your Strengths.

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Do you know what brings you joy?

Which areas you're gifted in?

What makes you happy?

Knowing the answers to these questions gives us a sense of purpose. Yet quite often, we find it hard to answer these questions.

The beauty of the VIA Strengths Survey is that

It involves answering 120 questions that reflect statements that many people would find desirable. The survey requires you to answer only in terms of whether the statement describes what you are like.

From your responses, the survey will elicit what your own character strengths are. Your results will rank your strengths from the 1-24 available in the survey.

Uncovering your strengths can really fast track areas of your life you are looking to improve. The survey is often homework for my clients, as it's such an important piece of the success puzzle!

The other way you can utilise the survey is as a "strength spotting" exercise, within your business, family or even social circle. Once you are aware of what your strengths are, you have the capability to think about how these play out in your life.

What are you doing day to day that you could be utilising your strengths for? How could you be leveraging the power of your own strengths in different areas of your life? And what do you need to be doing more of, or less of, to be making the most of your strengths?

It's vital to be conscious of using your strengths TOO much though too! For example, my number one strength used to be humour. This became my go-to and I ended up using it as a defence mechanism when a situation became uncomfortable. I had to work on tempering that down and dealing with the situation at hand instead of brushing it off with humour!

In the workplace or home, using your strengths survey results are an awesome way to change your perspective of certain people or scenarios that you may not have been able to do without that awareness.

If you work in an organisation, particularly one with a blame culture or that has gone through some structural changes and people are feeling uncomfortable, using this survey you and your colleagues will be able to read people better and potentially, turn your workplace culture around. It helps to switch the collective thinking to be more positive and find strengths rather than look for flaws in people.

Strengths can help to lift people's performance, to collaborate better through a common language and can have a transformational impact on relationships, whether at home, in the workplace or out in social settings.

If you're just starting out with using this survey, then the free version that you can find here will give you what you need to move forward with.

If you are a current client, be sure to bring your results in to your next session

And if you haven't had a session or need more clarity around your strengths and how to use them, be sure to do the survey and book a session.

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