Missing: Motivation

How do you find the motivation to do things that you aren't intrinsically motivated to do?

The answer simply put is, you can't! It's impossible to just switch from being externally motivated to intrinsically motivated when you are working towards something.

Unfortunately, we can't flick the motivation switch to suddenly be able to get things done that we can't seem to find the drive to do.

What we can do though is set ourselves up with the right support framework. Your support framework will encourage you to maintain motivation, even when you have lost it. Sometimes it's that tiny bit of belief, from others, in you and your ability, that is enough to get you back on track.

To find our own internal motivation, we also have to understand how it works.

Motivation is not something that can be constantly maintained at a high level. Like anything, our motivation will go through peaks and troughs. It will come and go, even if we are really passionate about a particular project.

What's important to remember, especially when we are experiencing the lows, is that our support framework is there. During these lows are where we need to lean on our support the most, to help us pick our energy back up and keep plowing ahead.

We can learn, from practice in riding the highs and lows of motivation, to keep persisting even if the drive isn't there. Like any habit, we need to move through the uncomfortable times when we simply want to give in. Beyond that, is where we can learn to find or generate motivation, even in challenging times, to get things done.

It can be helpful to think about the task at hand, if you simply can't find motivation or can't push through on your own or with your support team. Is the task aligned to your values and your goals?

Sometimes we think we "need" to do something, yet there are many underlying reasons why we can't or haven't done it. Maybe it's competing with our values, or another goal that we're chasing. Considering all these factors is important when motivation seems out of reach!

Even when we have made motivation more intrinsic, and we are working towards something that aligns with us, don't forget about your support framework. We don't have to go it alone! Those in your support team can't do the work for you, but their presence might be enough to get you going (i.e personal trainers!) or your own investment in something (i.e a gym membership).

Be patient, stay focused and let motivation become a habit going forward!

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