Need Perspective?

How hard is it sometimes to see outside of your own stuff?

We've all had a problem that we just can't seem to solve.

A scenario in which we can't see our way through.

A situation that we feel stuck in.

And we've probably all experience clarity when we have taken this to a friend, a colleague, a therapist and they have been able to give us an unbiased outside view. Being able to see things through someone else's eyes often leads us to answers that we were blind to before.

This is what a coach, like me, can do.

When we are so entrenched in something, our focus becomes narrow. It becomes hard to see any solutions or to be able to navigate through it.

As a coach, our job is not to specifically tell you what the solutions may be, even though it may sometimes seem obvious to us! What is more helpful is to make suggestions that may trigger clarity to come forth. This gets your brain into gear trying to think of alternatives that you may not have been able to get your head around previously.

Getting perspective from the outside allows you space to take a breath, take a moment and clear the fog, making way for a different perspective!

This is one of my favourite parts of coaching, facilitating the process of changing perspective, giving people hope, traction and the ability to move forward.

I would love to work with you to allow you to gain new perspective and find effective solutions to whatever may be holding you back.

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