Are You Afraid To Fail?

I was recently asked what one of the main themes was that comes up in my coaching sessions. I had to stop and think about this for awhile, as people come to me with such a variety of concerns and circumstances that they are seeking clarity around.

Then it occurred to me that the number one theme, even if on the surface it doesn't seem to be, is confidence.

This very theme came up with a client just before writing this, how confidence is wrapped up in fear, especially when involved in making decisions.

Most of us are so afraid of failing, which often drives an inability to make decisions and causes us to second guess ourselves all the time. The story we tell ourselves, usually from an early age too, is that we're not good enough to succeed and that failure is negative.

Then a belief pattern is established. And repeated throughout our lifetime. You make a mistake, you get into trouble. Failure is bad. This makes us afraid, afraid of failing, which often leads to not putting ourselves out there, not taking chances.

When clients come to me with these all-too-common thought patterns, we start by working through what it really means to fail and how to create an environment within their role or company where it is actually safe to make mistakes.

So for ourselves in our personal lives, we have to rewire our brain for failure. To dissolve the belief that we have to live our lives driven by fear.

Instead, we need to learn to live a life fuelled by love and not letting that fear factor rule us.

Take a moment to think about now...

What are you doing right now that is motivated by fear?

What decisions are you making or not making based on the potential of failure?

And most importantly...

How can you shift your perception to one of embracing fear?

Move forward with courage, be fearless and break that cycle of negative self belief!

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