Limit Your Limiting Beliefs

How we can acknowledge them, listen to them and what we can learn from them!

Limiting self beliefs are those beliefs that we hold about ourselves that are not serving us in a positive way. Those repetitive thoughts that creep in on us often, like "I am not worthy" or "I am not good enough".

We all have them, and I'm sure you'll be thinking of yours right now. And if you aren't? It might mean that your limiting beliefs are so ingrained that you don't even recognise them anymore.

After however many years (decades often) of listening to these beliefs rattle around in our heads, we start to take them as the truth. This impacts everything that you do in life, shadowing everything with fear based on these false beliefs. Your irrational fears can then override love and compassion, the positives of your life, and prevent you from moving forward.

I had an amazing kinesiology session with Bernadette O'Connor from Emotional Energy Exchange this week and this was one of the things that came through for me, the negative stories that I had been telling myself and how they were impacting my life.

We cleared them, and I will keep working on this, but for YOU in the meantime I have an exercise to identify your self beliefs and cultivate awareness of how they might be affecting your life.

Much of the time, once you become aware of your limiting beliefs, you start noticing how much you say them in your head. This awareness alone often makes it easier to stop listening to them and work on replacing them with more positive self beliefs!


Write an exhaustive list of statements that start with "I am...", complete with whatever words come to mind.

Keep going until you can't think of anything else to write. Then go back and read it to yourself.

Count how many positive statements there are versus how many negative statements there are and take stock of that.

Start to look at the negative statements that you wrote about yourself, and change them. Flip them to something that can be positive, reframe them!

This is purely scratching the surface on limiting beliefs, but will start shifting the focus of your thoughts from negative to positive.

We can use these negative beliefs as areas for growth and development, opportunities for change, as opposed to seeing them as something inherently bad!

If you would like some one-on-one support around changing your limiting self beliefs, book a session with me today!