DON'T Wait Until It's Too Late...

Prioritise self-care to avoid burnout and be more productive!

I got struck down with a migraine this week. It wiped me out completely and left me unable to work (or move for that matter) for a good twenty four hours.

I could feel all the signs coming on and checked my calender, as you do, to see if I could afford some rest time. There was no space, no room to be unwell, so I pressed on. And of course, my body does not work on a timeline and I ended up having to cancel clients as I couldn't even look at my computer!

This experience got me thinking about how we are always on the go, we are always "on" and never prioritise our own self-care.

One of the most important things I discuss with my clients is their self care routine.

What do they do to look after themselves? Note: Looking after yourself does not mean washing, ironing, making dinner, etc!

Do they have any downtime? Do they make time to relax?

Do you ever stop?!

These questions are vital and something we should all ponder and work into our schedules.

Especially at this time of the year when everyone is starting to feel rundown, ending up with colds and flus, self care must be a focus.

What do YOU need to do to take care of yourself?

I spoke with a client recently about how to keep gaining momentum in their business whilst looking after themselves.

(I popped up a video from one of my fave entrepreneurs Marie Forleo on this topic which you can check it out here)

We came up with some easy to implement strategies, which including simple breathing techniques, not having to act on things immediately (especially if there is an emotional charge on something) and making time for creativity and innovation.

For most of us, our creative juices flow so much better when we stop and allow them to, without the added pressure of our busy lives. In the shower, on the toilet, whilst out exercising, these are the most common places we come up with ideas! Our brain can shut out all of the external noise and we can find momentum and inspiration.

SO. Stop. Take a breath.

Let's work out how to build into rest into your daily life and make this a habit!

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