Feeling Out Of Alignment?

We have all experienced that feeling or sense we get when something just isn’t right.

It’s our gut reaction, our intuition that is triggered when we’re in a certain situation or with a particular person that doesn't sit right with us.

Sometimes the reaction you experience in your body is from you're own behaviours. In those moments where you react instead of stepping back and evaluating the situation, we feel physically sick to think about what we have said or done.

Sometimes that gut feeling comes up when a something negative is happening to you. It often takes you aback as to why you feel such an intense charge on something or someone!

Whichever way you feel it, your intuition is there to tell you that something is out of alignment. Yet many of us go through our lives ignoring our gut feelings, winding up with us being lost in our lives and disconnected to ourselves.

Learning to listen to your intuition and live a life in congruence has to start with establishing your own personal VALUES.

What are your values? What do you believe in? Who are you, at the core of your being?

Not easy questions for us to answer at all.

But we really need to dig into these to be able to bring ourselves back into alignment.

Once we have our values firmly in place, the path becomes clearer and easier to follow. We can determine what we need to do and what the next steps are to living our lives in congruence with these values and beliefs.

Oftentimes we also have to look at the relationships we have in our lives, are these people respecting our values?

Are they triggering us?

Are they lifting us?

Again, going deep here to understand what we need to do to move forward. Perhaps we need to change our own behaviour or conditioning. Other times it’s about breaking up with a relationship because it doesn’t positively enhance our lives.

Or maybe, we have to move towards a relationship, to learn and grow from the person or with the person.

Ultimately we need to understand:

What is at your core?

We can’t make assumptions about other people or circumstances if we don’t understand ourselves fully!

Why am I feeling a certain way?

About that person, that situation…What is it all about?

And then, what do I need to do next?

Be brave, take action and follow your intuition!

Listening to your gut, honouring your values and standing up for what you believe in will lead you to a life in alignment.

Go for it!